Dog Behavior Consultation

Need a dog behavior consultation?

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What is a dog behavior consultation?

  • As every dog and puppy is different, we believe its virtually impossible to identify the training needs of your dog or puppy without first meeting the family, meeting the dog or puppy,  together discussing the desired training goals. 
  • The session is important to help us learn more about your dog’s history, and identify the causes behind your dogs behavior.  
  • We help you understand your dog, and see things from your dogs perspective. Building or rebuilding a relationship is also part of the helping modify your dogs behavior.  
  • Working with your dog in the privacy of your own home is one of the most effective methods of training. Why?  you are working in a stress free, familiar home environment where your dog has learnt to relax. 
  • Private one on one in home dog training sessions are also perfect for dogs that do not focus so well in a group training class.
  • Some dogs maybe more fearful or show higher levels of anxiety, also private one on one in home training sessions are excellent for dogs who show signs of aggression who are less likely to perform well in a group dog training class.

What is the process?

  • Our dog behavior consultation is a 1hr or more in home dog behavior assessment. After the session you will receive a detailed “dog behavior report” included within the report is a customized training program which takes into account the training goals you identified at the dog behavior consultation.  
  • We provide you with  different training program options.
  • Once you decide the training program that would work best for you and your dog or puppy, we schedule a day and time to suit your schedule and the training will begin.

What are the dog trainers qualifications?

Our trainers are Certified Professional Dog Trainers CPDT-KA and Certified Dog Behavior Consultants (ADBC).

We pride ourselves in using positive reinforcement dog training techniques only. We never use any pain, nor intimidation to train your dog or puppy.

Dog behavior consultations are suitable for:


For your dog behavior consultation:.

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Dog Behavior Consultation Silver Spring Maryland


Dog Behavior Consultation Silver Spring Maryland

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