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Norbeck Animal ClinicJanet is a terrific professional dog trainer.
We value her dog training expertise, her knowledge is impressive.
Our clients report immediate success!
We refer her to all our clients.

Dr. Ivanov Norbeck – Silver Spring, MD
Norbeck Animal Clinic

“Phoebe” Jack Russel / Husky Mix

We rescued Phoebe from the local shelter, she seemed calm, after approximately 3 months we began to notice a lot of aggression. Her aggression was towards everything. She would not allow anyone to come into the house, if they came in she would lunge, bark, snarl, and attempt to bite. We had to try and keep her on a leash. We gave up on inviting people to our home, it was too much to handle her. We would have to put her in another locked room. Walking her outside was an even bigger challenge. If she saw another dog way in the distance she would start to lunge, snarl, almost flip on her leash. So our walks were reduced to extremely early in the AM and extremely late at night, to avoid any risk of bumping into dogs. Our life with Phoebe was challenging. We did not know what to do. So we did nothing but try to avoid situations. We stopped inviting people to our home and this went on for over a year.

We spoke to our veterinarian who referred Janet Oquendo with Pawz for Health In Home Dog Training. When Janet met Phoebe she was rather shocked at Phoebe’s response. Phoebe lunged, barked, tried to bite her at her first visit. We had our hands full.

Janet encouraged us and explained to us what was going on with Phoebe and reassured us that we can change her behavior through positive reinforcement. We began immediately! After 2 weeks Phoebe’s emotional state changed. She began to wag her tail when Janet came to the house, and at the final session with Janet, Phoebe wagged her tail, was relaxed, ate bones in front of her. We then took the training to Janet’s facility to work with dog / dog aggression. This was awesome. After 2 sessions. Phoebe was able to sniff one of her dogs, and walk a foot away side by side together with no growling, or attempts to bite. We are so thrilled at the progress Phoebe has made. We never though it would be possible to change her behavior. We still have a little way to go, but we are certainly 70% better. We notice now that Phoebe checks in with us all the time. Its just amazing.

thanks you Janet, you are an awesome trainer!

“Phoebe” Jack Russel / Husky Mix

“Mitzi” Black Lab

Mitzi has some fear aggression issues. She would constantly bark and back up at the same time when people entered our home, or came close to her on a walk. She is a big Lab and was extremely difficult to handle. We worried about people getting too close to her in case she actually bit them. She was even worse when we saw dogs on walks. She would pull on the leash, lunge, bark and appear to go after them. Our walks were nerve wracking. We tried to take different routes around our home to avoid dogs, and people. This was virtually impossible, and made walking extremely stressful.

We contacted Janet Oquendo with Pawz for Health In Home Dog Training. She identified the problem as fear aggression. We worked on her desensitization to people in the home. It worked extremely well. We used positive reinforcement training techniques and after 20 minutes we began to see significant improvement in Mitzi allowing movement of people in the home.

the following week we began to work on her re-activity around dogs. We went to Janet’s facility where we systematically introduced one dog at a time and I continued to use the techniques Janet has showed me. Wow.. it worked like a charm. After 20 minutes we were walking side by side with her dogs. We also saw Mitzi sniff the behind of one of her dogs. Out of the blue a couple of joggers came through the area with their x2 dogs who were jogging with them. I immediately panicked.. it was unfounded as they jogged past us, Mitzi just looked at them, she checked back in with me she got a reward for not reacting and she just walked on by as though they never existed.

I am so grateful for Janet’s help. we never thought we could get her through this and Janet proved us wrong. Positive reinforcement training has significantly changed our dogs response to people and other dogs.

Thank you.

Charlotte & John Cassel – Silver Spring, MD


I had rescued Luie over a year ago, and within each day, week month, his aggression towards other dogs just got worse and worse. I was so worried and nervous about walking him just in case we saw a dog in the distance. Luie could spot a dog long before I could. He would have a high pitched bark and lunge towards them when we walked on a leash. I did my best to distract him, but usually he was not interested in anything I could do. So I contacted Janet at Pawz for Health In Home Dog Training. We had our first session. I was a little nervous at first. We started out desensitizing Luie to one dog, then we walked side by side, then we used another dog and another dog. By the time we finished. Luie was sniffing the behind of the dogs. I was so amazed. What really amazed me was one of the dogs we actually did the session with actually growled at Luie and Luie just totally ignored her. Wow… I am so pleased. My dog who I thought was totally aggressive changed. I saw immediate results after only one session Luie was walking side by side the dogs.
Obviously I will have to continue working with him but this is a great start. Thank you so much Janet, this has been a wonderful experience.

Update: Louie had his first doggie play date !!!

Gloria – Dunalk, MD

“Indi” 10 week old Miniature Aussie

Our family had never had a puppy before. It was nerve wracking trying to figure out how to address the puppy issues.  During our first session Janet went through thoroughly all the important facts of owning a puppy, what to expect and how to work with puppy behavior. It began to make a lot of sense, we had a lot of questions which Janet patiently and systematically addressed for us.   Our children enjoyed the training the whole family were involved. The graduation was fun. Janet assured us that we can always call or email at any time if we had any questions.

“Indi” 10 week old Miniature Aussie

“Holly” 3 month old Havanese Puppy

Holly was  our first puppy, we were feeling so overwhelmed. We could not get her to listen to us, she would always go potty in the house, she would bite the children. We were at a loss to get her to respond to us. After our first session  Janet provided us with the tools to get started. It really helped.   We actually think the change was in us,  We love her, she is now listening, knows her commands. We all found this great fun.

“Holly” 3 month old Havanese Puppy

Kevin & Autum with “Koda”

My fiance and I got a new puppy and knew we needed training. We were having issues with both crate training and housebreaking, and decided that in-home training would be best for our puppy. Our expectations with Janet were far exceeded just after the first lesson. After the first session, Koda was no longer afraid of his crate and went in willingly, with little to no whining. With each week that passed, the accidents in the home became less and less to the point where now they are a thing of the past. Koda is still a ball of energy as all puppies are, but the skills and techniques that Janet taught to us and Koda will ensure that Koda grows from a well behaved puppy to a well trained dog. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Janet’s methods are with teaching our puppy. She is truly a dog whisperer of sorts – worth every penny!

Thank you again and we will pass along your information to anyone who asks about how we got Koda to be such a well behaved puppy.

Kevin & Autumn – Odenton, MD

“Hooch” Great Dane / Mastiff Mix

Our dog was very reactive and we were hesitant to walk near people and other dogs with a 115 lb. Great Dane/mastiff mix, this is a big problem. After just one session we felt much more confident and now we have the tools that we need to make our dog successful.. We soon realized that uneducated owners make dogs behave a lot worse than they really are. Once the owner has the education; all that is needed is repetition and positive reinforcement to help the dog achieve its goals. Our dog can now walk past other dogs and people with a little more ease then before 🙂 We could not have asked for a better trainer. We Thank you Janet for giving us the tools we needed.

Melissa & Chris – Elkridge, MD

“Scout” Rescued Collie

Our young collie, Scout, a sweet girl who came to us through Collie Rescue, has blossomed over such a short period of time thanks to our work with Janet. After trial and error with other methods to train Scout, I was so happy to find someone whose foundation is built on positive training with the absolute best interests of our dog in mind. No cookie-cutter obedience school, but a training plan completely customized to address specific issues and NOT based on fear or domination. Scout adores Janet, and has always looked forward to her time with Janet and Janet’s dogs. My family couldn’t be any happier with the results. Janet is not only a positive and compassionate trainer, she is a certified professional with impressive credentials in dog behavior. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, flexible with our schedule and very responsive to our needs. My only wish is that we had found her earlier in the process before investing time and money with other methods that weren’t the right fit for us. Positive training works. Period. We can’t thank you enough, Janet!

Eva Tennant – Bowie, MD

Misty and Thunder

You were at our house last Sunday, Sep 2 to facilitate the beginning of the off-leash relationship between our puppy Misty and our older dog Thunder.  We are happy to say that it is going extremely well.  Thunder gradually began showing slight signs of interest in play and less need to correct Misty over the first few days.  By Thursday, the two were completely wrapped up in all the normal games of play biting and wrestling.  It is good to see Thunder no longer stressed by the puppy and even having fun with her now.  Thank you for your help.

Bridget and Mike – Ellicott City, MD

“Emmie” 1 Year Old Wirehaired Daschsund

Janet is marvelous – patient, professional and fun to work with.  Emmie, my wired haired daschsund had just turned 1 when Janet started working with us.  I say us, because as an owner, you need to take control and be the leader dog!  I thought Emmie would never break any of her behavioral issues, but I was wrong.  She has better bladder control (housebreaking) – putting a bell on the door was a huge help- she sits, stays and does down and stand. She is calmer and more loving.  Janet can work miracles.

“Emmie” 1 Year Old Wirehaired Daschsund

Chad, Lynn, Kelly and Tessa

Tessa, our 4 month old Belgian Malinois was getting to the age where she was not responding to our commands and we felt we needed more help with her training. We contacted Janet Oquendo from Pawz For Health Dog Training. Janet came to our home and immediately began to work with us on basic response commands. We were amazed at how quickly Tessa began to respond. After an intense training program, Where all the family got involved. We are so happy to see Tessa responding to us. We are planning on starting advance obedience training for Tessa through Pawz For Health Dog Training in the new year. She is doing great. This is a short clip of Kelly training Tessa to “Leave It’  through our training program, its very challenging for a 4 month old puppy to exercise impulse control when there are 3 very tasty treats sitting in front of her.  She mastered this command within 10 minutes!

Chad, Lynn, Kelly and Tessa

Diane and Charlie

After I adopted Charlie – my Australian Shepherd, he developed a very shy and less than confident personality. He would bark and lung at people and other dogs. I was referred to Janet Oquendo from Pawz For Health, who offers in home positive reinforcement dog training. Janet came to my home and worked with me on a weekly basis. Charlie began to respond very well I was so impressed. Actually I was amazed! Janet worked with me to introduce Charlie to another dog – after 15 minutes Charlie stopped lunging, after 45 minutes we had both dogs off leash and enjoyed watching them play bowing and chasing each other. I could not have done it without Janet. I will refer her to all my friends.

These pictures are of Charlie and I going through his “graduation exam” it was fun, Charlie Graduated!

Diane and Charlie –

Victoria and Alco

After getting Alco our 3 month old Jack Russel Terrier. We wanted to get a good start in training for him. We met Janet Oquendo with Pawz For Health at a local event. We scheduled the in home obedience training program. We were excited that Alco very quickly learned basic training commands. He is smart and is just developing his skills each day. Thank you Janet, Alco is just improving with every day.  This is me and Alco with his certificate as well as a brief video of Alco successfully responding to his “sit/stay”.

Victoria and Alco – Baltimore, MD

Jordan and Sophie

Sophie is our adorable 11 month old West Highland Terrier.  We were having problems housebreaking her. We got Sophie during the bad snow we had in 2010. So we trained her to go “potty” on puppy pads.  After almost a year we decided that we really wanted our dog to be trained to go” outside. We had no idea how to do this, it was causing our family a lot of stress and frustration.  We actually thought it was impossible to train an 11 month old puppy to now go “potty” outside.   We were referred to Janet Oquendo at Pawz For Health. Janet provided us with a program to begin to get Sophi to go potty outside.  IT WORKED.. After 2 days we began to see results. We are so happy! Janet also put together for us a personalized training program to help my husband, my daughter and myself  convey to Sophie behavior we desire from her. Janet showed us positive motivation techniques. Sophie is so motivated as are we. Its great. My daughter has used those techniques to teach Sophie to dance 🙂 Thanks Janet ,we are so grateful for what you have done for us.

Jordan and Sophie – Stevenson, MD

Obedience Class

Janet, I  just wanted to say thanks so much for the great obedience class.  Duncan is doing so much better, the classes were so valuable to us. I had no idea how to get him to respond to me. He is doing so much better.   I’m happy to report that Duncan and I are still enjoying looking at our certificate which we display proudly on the fridge!  Please let me know when you start your level II Class.

Deb & Duncan – Takoma Park, MD

Bill & Renee Henry

We started fostering Morgan in June 2010. She is a rescue Dalmatian. We love dogs so wanted to help Dalmatian rescue by bringing Morgan into our home. Morgan was abused and appeared NOT to like anyone. The rescue group thought she might not be adoptable. So the rescue group contacted Janet Oquendo from Pawz For Health for an evaluation. Janet came over, she immediately put Morgan at ease, although Morgan typically does not like strangers due to fear issues. Janet had her eating out of her hand, literally within 10  minutes of entering our home. Janet gave us some valuable tips on how to help her overcome her fear also gave us some leadership tips to help Morgan default to my husband and I for instruction. We can now walk Morgan much easier and have some new ideas on what to do when strangers come to the house. This is work in progress but we are comfortable now working to help Morgan. We are grateful to Pawz for Health for intervening.

Bill & Renee Henry – Olney, MD

Linda & Chuck Barnhill and Scooter

We rescued Scooter from Dachshund Rescue in Maryland. Scooter is a 3 year old Dachshund. We LOVE  him. Within 3 days of being in our home, Scooter took more than a comfortable interest in  our cat. We were so scared, we thought Scooter was going to attack and kill him. Our only choice we thought was to give him back to the rescue. We contacted Janet Oquendo from Pawz For Health. Janet started immediately to work with us. She began to teach us how to train Scooter to pay less attention to our cat.  Scooter is now a completely different dog! we also incorporated some other training into our program. We are happy that Scooter  listens to us, and now has the ability to control his impulses.  He is just a wonderful dog, but we would never have known has great he was unless Janet had come and helped us with our training.  We owe so much to her.  She knows what she is doing and Scooter responded so well to her immediately.

Linda & Chuck Barnhill and Scooter – Bethesda, MD

Linda Turner and Ginger

My 10 year old son, Jonathan and I were not sure what to do to get our 4 month old Golden Retriever puppy to listen to us. She is a  smart girl but we thought she was probably too smart for us, and thought she was stubborn, bad and just out of control.  My vet referred me to Janet, at Pawz For Health. Janet met with us and immediately showed us her positive reinforcement  techniques. Ginger was immediately engaged in Janet and listened straight away.  My son and I are so happy at the skills we have now to work with her. She comes when called, she walks great on the leash and we no longer feel anxious trying to get her to respond to our instructions. Janet was so helpful, we owe it all to  her. We plan on adding some more training to gain more advanced skills with her. Thanks Janet.  You were so helpful.

Linda Turner and Ginger – Severna Park, MD

John, Margie, Justin, and Jade

Our 12 month old Husky Jayda was so out of control we felt it almost impossible to live with her. Yes,    we had taken her through puppy classes at Petsmart, it did not help us when we got her home. She would not listen to us, she was constantly in “time out” we were all miserable. We contacted Janet, at Pawz For Health. She spent a lot of time with us, worked with us immediately to understand her behavior and tools we could use immediately. We were stunned at how quickly she responded. We no longer have to yell at her, her responses to us are consistent. We use only positive reinforcement. Janet is just fantastic, We love Jayda, our life is so much  better since Janet helped us with her training.Janet  loves what she does, she is just great at it. Use her services you will not be disappointed.

John, Margie, Justin and Jade – Severn, MD

Tania Howard Pritz and Fynn

I didn’t know what to expect when we asked Janet to help train our new Golden puppy, but we hoped that she would get Finn off to a good, well-behaved start. I can tell you that any expectations I may have had were exceeded. Janet is just lovely; she taught us clearly and succinctly how to give our pup firm, loving guidance. Additionally, she followed up each visit with an email outlining the day’s lessons and ‘homework’ to reinforce those lessons. Our family can move forward confidently with great tools to help Finn be a calm, obedient member of our family. You can tell that she truly loves dogs and loves what she does. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Tania Howard Pritz and Fynn – Annapolis, MD

Lindee and Lofty

I reached out to Janet from Pawz For Health Training today regarding Lofty’s aggression. Janet came to my home and spent one and a half hours with myself, my boyfriend John and Lofty. earned a lot!! In fact, I learned that everything I was doing was ineffective. Janet taught me a more effective way of training which Lofty responds to. I felt in the beginning, I really needed Janet to be with me. I am telling you, Janet was awesome in her interaction with Lofty. John and I were impressed!! I arranged for Wayne to stop by while Janet was here. I don’t think Lofty even knew Wayne entered the room. NO AGGRESSION!! Janet is unbelievable!!

Lindee and Lofty – Crofton, MD

Karla, Laggy and Blossom

I want to thank you Janet for working with me and Blossom. You were right, I believe that her “issues” were the result of fear and with a lot of work and boundary setting, she finally figured out that I am the leader and that i will make her life safe.She is now a different dog. She is now starting to act like a puppy. She has now stopped attacking my little Iggy. “Thank you so much for helping me to help her be a happy dog

Karla, Laggy and Blossom – Crofton, MD
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