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Looking for ways to socialize your puppy?

Unable to find a puppy socialization program you can trust?


Silver Spring puppy training Maryland


Well look no further!

Recognizing a need for puppy owners, we now offers this unique puppy board and socialize program.  So What is  Puppy Socialization and why is it important? 

Did you know that puppies have a critical stage of development, we call it their “imprinting stage”.  During this period it is where puppies are developing social awareness,  it is vital that your puppy receives valuable socialization with other puppies and friendly dogs, to help them grow and develop into a non aggressive adult dog thus becoming a well rounded social adult dog.  Often times most puppy owners; unaware of this critical stage of their puppies do not start socializing their puppy until around 5 – 6 months old (if at all). Unfortunately when that critical developmental window closes it makes socialization more challenging for some virtually impossible;  socializing a puppy to new experiences from 8 weeks to 13 weeks is much easier than trying to do it later in life when the puppy’s brain slows down to accepting new things.


So what is it and where will my puppy stay?

We guarantee your puppy will NOT be isolated in kennels outside of our home.  

During your puppy’s stay, he / she will live in our home environment. and socially interact with our family dogs. 


What age qualifies my puppy for this program?

Your puppy should be between 10 weeks and 20 weeks old. 

Some exceptions are made for older puppies on a case by case basis.

  • Your puppy will receive valuable puppy interaction.
  • Puppy play significantly helps to eliminate puppy biting.
  • Providing a structured day includes : crate training, housebreaking & extensive puppy socialization.


Training techniques and philosophies:

  • Our dog trainer is Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Certified Dog Behaviorist.
  • Using positive reinforcement dog training techniques – 100% reward based training.

What can we expect when our puppy returns home?

  • You will notice a much calmer and easier to handle puppy.
  • Your puppy will have gained valuable confidence and puppy socialization, a building block for a well adjusted social puppy as they grow into adults.

Can I visit my puppy?

  • You are welcome to visit your puppy during his / her stay. 
  • Space is limited.  Our puppy board and socialize program is limited to 6 puppies at a time; So reserve your place today.

Contact us to reserve a space for your puppy TODAY!

Tel:  240.424.5985





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