Puppy board socialize video

Puppy board and socialize with video

puppy board socialize silver spring MD

Puppy socialization:

  • Puppy board and socialize videos – Silver Spring MD. Below we have put together a short video collage of our puppy board and socialize program. Our puppy board and socialize videos shows puppies ranging from 12 weeks old to 24 weeks old, engaging in fun play, in a safe environment.
  • Clients puppies who are enrolled in this program enjoy the most fun activities, includes playing in and out of the puppy pool. All the puppies are friendly and engage in extensive puppy socialization at our location.  
  • At the pawz for health puppy socialization location the  puppies have a large play area which is fun, safe and more importantly its secure! 
  • Puppies are never left outside unattended i.e. during play time puppies are always supervised, when its time for a well needed nap, all clients puppies are crated which provides structured routine helping the puppies develop calm relaxed behavior.
  • The puppies also learn to play with their peers ie. puppies of similar age where they engage in puppy behavior including, biting, chasing, developing puppy confidence through social learning, this is a  key component for all puppies to help them develop into confident well adjusted adult dogs.
  • Puppies who qualify for this program must be between the age of 10 weeks and 24 weeks old. Older puppies can be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Puppies showing signs of dog aggression, do not qualify for this program,  other programs are available, which will be discussed at the initial puppy behavior assessment.

Please enjoy the puppy play and socialize video!


Published by Pawz for health in home dog training.

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