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Is “Puppy board and train right for my puppy? 

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Enroll your puppy in our  “Puppy Board & Train” program


Learn about our “Puppy Board & Socialize” program


What will my puppy learn in the puppy board & train program?

Housebreaking -teaching puppy to potty outside.
Crate Training  – enjoying spending time in his or her crate.
Jumping puppies – teaching your puppy not to jump on people
Furniture – not to jumping on furniture (if required).
Biting – reducing if not eliminating puppy biting.

Basis puppy manners – will include  –  (sit / down / stay / door manners)
Leash walking:  walking nicely on a leash  (loose leash walking).


Fun things:

  • Socialization: Playing and interacting with puppies of similar age as well as older dogs.
  • Fun – Play time: All puppies will receive a significant amount of social |  playtime.
  • Play area: We provide a  3/4 acre securely fenced grassy play area.
  • For puppies who love water – your puppy will have puppy play time in “kiddie” pool
  • We offer a friendly “force free |  pain free” environment.
  • Your puppy will live within our home environment


Will my puppy qualify for this program?

  • Your puppy MUST be between 12 weeks and 24 weeks old.
  • There should not be any aggression issues.
  • Proof of up to date puppy vaccinations will be required prior to enrolling in this program.
  • MUST NOT have medical conditions placing your puppy or others at risk.


What training techniques do we use?17A951BE-4AFD-48BE-9616-E8A5C6C74922

  • Our techniques are purely positive reinforcement.
  • We DO NOT use shock collars, choke collars or prong collars.
  • The physical and emotional wellbeing of your puppy is our commitment. 
  • Our Trainer – Janet Oquendo is a certified professional dog trainer (CCPDT) and Assoc. Dog behavior consultant. 
  • She is a member of CCPDT, IAABC and PPG.




This video shows 12 week old Labradoodle puppy “Tux”, after 2 weeks of our puppy board and train program. Here he is demonstrating his leash walking skills, paying attention, with an automatic “sit” as well as “Stay” outside and beginning “0ff leash” training.  Using purely positive reinforcement dog training.



Can my puppy just enroll in “puppy board and socialize” instead?


How much does it cost? 

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