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Dog aggression training is one of the most desired by dog owners and one of the most troubling behaviors dog owners experience with their dog. There are many types of dog aggression, often displayed through barking, lunging, growling and biting. This behavior can be directed directed at other dogs, towards children, men, women, strangers, as well as their owners.  

There are several reasons why dogs display such aggressive behavior, it can range from a lack of socialization to either other dogs, certain people, or situations, negative association with the fear stimulus, or ultimately abuse which could have occurred.  

Dogs show aggression for “dog” reasons i.e. their natural protection mechanism to keep them safe. Let our proven positive reinforcement training techniques show you how to address your dogs behavior.

Pawz for Health recognizes that all dogs are different, therefore each training program is tailored to meet each individual dogs behavior and training needs.  After the initial “Behavior Consultation” we will determine the most suitable program to address your dogs training needs.

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We only use positive reinforcement dog training techniques

Dog / Dog Aggression

Dog Aggression and Leash Reactivity

If you experience dog behavior such as growling, lunging, or aggressive behavior towards other dogs whilst on a leash walk. This program is for you.  We work with you and your dog at our training location to help teach your dog a positive emotional response through counter conditioning.   We then teach you the owner how to get your dogs focus, and continue to maintain a positive association between your dog and another dog whilst out on walks. Sessions are then carried in the environment where you need it most i.e. your home location.

Dog Aggression is  a  natural defense  behavior however it can become self-reinforcing to your dog the more he is allowed to continue practicing that behavior.  Your dog will not “get over it” we need to help install a new behavior to replace the undesirable behavior through counter conditioning, and positive reinforcement training techniques.


Where will the training take place?

  • One or more sessions will be carried out at our Silver Spring location,
  • Additional sessions will be carried out at your location.


Here is what we will cover:

  • Leash Control and Handling
  • Watch Me / Focus
  • Reward for calm behavior around dogs
  • Change to a positive emotional response.
  • Counter Conditioning and Desensitization

  • Figure eight walking around other dogs
  • Positive reinforcement techniques on walks
  • Pain Free Training
  • Simple for you and your dog to learn.
  • We HAVE FUN!


What to expect:

From this:

Dog Aggression leash reactivity training







To this:

Leash Aggression dog training Maryland


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Leash aggression dog training Maryland 

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Aggression with People

Dog aggression towards people

When animals and people are afraid of something, they prefer to get away from that thing. This is called the flight response. But if escaping isn’t an option, most animals will switch to a fight response and they attempt to defend themselves. A dog can be afraid of a person or another animal but still attack if thinks this is the only recourse. A fearful dog will normally adopt fearful postures and retreat, but may become aggressive if cornered or trapped.

Let us help you with your dogs fear aggressive behavior.


Our sessions cover:

  • Teach dog to have positive association with people
  • We work with counter conditioning and desensitization of triggers
  • Relaxation dog training techniques around people
  • Teach you the owner how to recognize what your dog is telling you.
  • Work with pain free dog training techniques


What to expect:

From This:

People aggression dog training Maryland

To This:

Creating a friendly dog training Maryland


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  Dog aggression training Maryland 

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Aggression with Food & Objects
 Dog Aggression around food, bones, resources

Object-guarding or Resource Guarding which it is commonly  known, starts during puppy hood. Owners may fail to notice their adolescent dog becoming increasingly possessive and protective. Some may actually encourage their puppy’s protective displays, thinking they are cute.

It is natural for dogs to protect their possessions.  Domestic dogs quickly learn that once something is gone, it is gone. So it is not surprising to find dogs trying to keep their possessions away from people.

Our programs help you learn more about resource guarding, and how to treat it.  We use purely positive reinforcement training techniques to teach your dog and young puppy to learn to trust you and actually enjoy when you are around their resources.


Here is what we will cover:

  • Why your dog is aggressive around resources
  • We provide you with techniques to stop this aggression.
  • We will teach your dog to enjoy having you around his food..
  • We will stop your dog growling, biting around his food.
  • We train through building positive relationship with your dog.


What to expect:

From this:

Dog aggression around food dog training

To this:

Teaching dog to not growl when you are close to food bowl








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 Dog food aggression dog training Maryland   

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