Bill & Renee Henry

We started fostering Morgan in June 2010. She is a rescue Dalmatian. We love dogs so wanted to help Dalmatian rescue by bringing Morgan into our home. Morgan was abused and appeared NOT to like anyone. The rescue group thought she might not be adoptable. So the rescue group contacted Janet Oquendo from Pawz For Health for an evaluation. Janet came over, she immediately put Morgan at ease, although Morgan typically does not like strangers due to fear issues. Janet had her eating out of her hand, literally within 10  minutes of entering our home. Janet gave us some valuable tips on how to help her overcome her fear also gave us some leadership tips to help Morgan default to my husband and I for instruction. We can now walk Morgan much easier and have some new ideas on what to do when strangers come to the house. This is work in progress but we are comfortable now working to help Morgan. We are grateful to Pawz for Health for intervening.

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