Kevin & Autum with “Koda”

My fiance and I got a new puppy and knew we needed training. We were having issues with both crate training and housebreaking, and decided that in-home training would be best for our puppy. Our expectations with Janet were far exceeded just after the first lesson. After the first session, Koda was no longer afraid of his crate and went in willingly, with little to no whining. With each week that passed, the accidents in the home became less and less to the point where now they are a thing of the past. Koda is still a ball of energy as all puppies are, but the skills and techniques that Janet taught to us and Koda will ensure that Koda grows from a well behaved puppy to a well trained dog. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Janet’s methods are with teaching our puppy. She is truly a dog whisperer of sorts – worth every penny!

Thank you again and we will pass along your information to anyone who asks about how we got Koda to be such a well behaved puppy.

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