Linda & Chuck Barnhill and Scooter

We rescued Scooter from Dachshund Rescue in Maryland. Scooter is a 3 year old Dachshund. We LOVE  him. Within 3 days of being in our home, Scooter took more than a comfortable interest in  our cat. We were so scared, we thought Scooter was going to attack and kill him. Our only choice we thought was to give him back to the rescue. We contacted Janet Oquendo from Pawz For Health. Janet started immediately to work with us. She began to teach us how to train Scooter to pay less attention to our cat.  Scooter is now a completely different dog! we also incorporated some other training into our program. We are happy that Scooter  listens to us, and now has the ability to control his impulses.  He is just a wonderful dog, but we would never have known has great he was unless Janet had come and helped us with our training.  We owe so much to her.  She knows what she is doing and Scooter responded so well to her immediately.

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