I had rescued Luie over a year ago, and within each day, week month, his aggression towards other dogs just got worse and worse. I was so worried and nervous about walking him just in case we saw a dog in the distance. Luie could spot a dog long before I could. He would have a high pitched bark and lunge towards them when we walked on a leash. I did my best to distract him, but usually he was not interested in anything I could do. So I contacted Janet at Pawz for Health In Home Dog Training. We had our first session. I was a little nervous at first. We started out desensitizing Luie to one dog, then we walked side by side, then we used another dog and another dog. By the time we finished. Luie was sniffing the behind of the dogs. I was so amazed. What really amazed me was one of the dogs we actually did the session with actually growled at Luie and Luie just totally ignored her. Wow… I am so pleased. My dog who I thought was totally aggressive changed. I saw immediate results after only one session Luie was walking side by side the dogs.
Obviously I will have to continue working with him but this is a great start. Thank you so much Janet, this has been a wonderful experience.

Update: Louie had his first doggie play date !!!

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