“Mitzi” Black Lab

Mitzi has some fear aggression issues. She would constantly bark and back up at the same time when people entered our home, or came close to her on a walk. She is a big Lab and was extremely difficult to handle. We worried about people getting too close to her in case she actually bit them. She was even worse when we saw dogs on walks. She would pull on the leash, lunge, bark and appear to go after them. Our walks were nerve wracking. We tried to take different routes around our home to avoid dogs, and people. This was virtually impossible, and made walking extremely stressful.

We contacted Janet Oquendo with Pawz for Health In Home Dog Training. She identified the problem as fear aggression. We worked on her desensitization to people in the home. It worked extremely well. We used positive reinforcement training techniques and after 20 minutes we began to see significant improvement in Mitzi allowing movement of people in the home.

the following week we began to work on her re-activity around dogs. We went to Janet’s facility where we systematically introduced one dog at a time and I continued to use the techniques Janet has showed me. Wow.. it worked like a charm. After 20 minutes we were walking side by side with her dogs. We also saw Mitzi sniff the behind of one of her dogs. Out of the blue a couple of joggers came through the area with their x2 dogs who were jogging with them. I immediately panicked.. it was unfounded as they jogged past us, Mitzi just looked at them, she checked back in with me she got a reward for not reacting and she just walked on by as though they never existed.

I am so grateful for Janet’s help. we never thought we could get her through this and Janet proved us wrong. Positive reinforcement training has significantly changed our dogs response to people and other dogs.

Thank you.

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