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College Park Dog Training

Understanding dog behavior is crucial to ensuring we are able to provide exactly what your dog desires and requires. Being aware

College Park Dog Training

that dogs are pack animals its is important to ensure your dog clearly knows who is the pack leader in the relationship.  This is where Pawz For Health dog training differs from other trainers in the area.

We understand dog behavior as a result our dog professional dog trainers in College Park Maryland utilize leadership training through positive reinforcement dog training techniques. Your dog will undoubtedly achieve their maximum potential with our training.

Working with a certified dog trainer in the privacy of your own home, we can help your dog re-establish the natural order within the pack and learn how to become a content family pet. 


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Often times we see dogs that are fearful of strange dogs, or even fearful of strangers, our trainers will provide training techniques to help your dog feel comfortable about other dogs and strangers helping them understand not to fear but to welcome engaging  in new experiences. Additionally we provide effective training as needed which includes but is not limited to: Housebreaking (potty training), Crate Training, Leash Walking, Impulse Control and general obedience/ manners such as “sit” “say” ” lay down” “come when called” “Leave it”  /  destructive chewing and so much more.  We work with all ages, breeds and behaviors, and are standing by waiting to get started whenever you are ready to take the next step in training for your dog or puppy.

Once you decide you are ready to start training for your dog or young puppy , we offer customized dog and puppy training program. The training will be carried out in the privacy and convenience of your home.  

We also offer a Puppy board and train program  – This program is extremely useful for puppy owners who want to fast track their Successful Puppy Trainingpuppy’s training.  The Puppy board and train program will require your puppy to stay at our certified positive reinforcement dog trainers home for either one or two weeks (depending upon the training goals identified at the initial puppy consultation). The puppy board and train program includes: Crate Training, potty training(housebreaking), puppy biting, critical puppy socialization, leash walking, basic commands and impulse control.  Throughout the program the training will provide you with updates, videos and emails regarding your puppy’s progress. 

Which ever program best suits your dog or puppy’s training needs we have the solution. For more information do not hesitate to contact us, our friendly responsive trainer will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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Behavior issues with dogs

Do your dog’s challenging  behavior issues leave you puzzled on how to fix them? No problem, the College Park area’s skilled dog trainers can assist in resolving these issue.  After carrying out an initial 1hr evaluation, we’ll work with you to determine the underlying cause of the undesirable behaviors demonstrated,  we will then develop a training plan that will get your dog back on the right track. We’ll assist you in redefining the connection to enable you to reach your training goals.


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