Dog and Puppy Training Derwood, MD

Derwood Dog Training


Derwood Dog Training
If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable dog trainer in Derwood, you’ve come to the right place. We have the best solution, whether you and your furry friend need help with obedience, behavior, or puppy socialization.

Why Choose Us?

We are knowledgeable and experienced dog trainers. We use science based positive reinforcement dog training techniques. We teach you how to build a solid rapport and effective leadership skills with your dog to earn his or her respect and trust.

About our in home training :

  • Tailored to your specific behavior training goals and challenges
  • Focused and intensive for quicker results;
  • Adaptable to your schedule and budget;
  • and, finally, with email or phone follow up support.


What will you and your dog learn?

Basic obedience and Manners training

Training commands : Sit / down / stay / leave it/

Leash walking and Impulse Control

Management and behavior modification

How to communicate with other dogs without reactivity

Effective positive reinforcement strategies


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Puppy Board and Train (for puppies under 24 weeks)

Puppy training Derwood MD

If you want to fast track your puppy’s training,  enrolling in our Puppy board and train program is for you.

Your puppy will stay with our certified dog trainer for a minimum of one week or as long as 2 weeks depending upon your training goals.

Your puppy will learn the following:

  • Basic puppy obedience manners.
  • Leash walking / impulse control
  • Critical puppy socialization
  • Puppy biting, Crate Training and House breaking

How does puppy board-and-train work?

  • Complete the contact form online.
  • Meet with our certified professional dog trainer.
  • Identify training goals for your puppy.
  • Enroll your puppy in our program.
  • Your puppy will live in the trainers home environment during the program.
  • Training will take place in a realtime living neighborhood environment.
  • Followed by a 1hr transition session and regular follow up support.


How to Prepare a puppy for board and train

  • Ensure your puppy is up to date on all vaccinations.
  • Your puppy should not be sick if your puppy is showing signs of illness, contact the vet and we can reschedule start date when your puppy is fully recovered.
  • Bring enough food for the duration of your puppy’s stay.
  • Arrive promptly for drop off!

Don’t delay get started on your dog or puppy training journey today!


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