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Welcome to Pawz for Health certified dog training Kensington. We are committed to offering the top dog training programs Kensington dog Trainingin the region. Our Maryland dog trainers are skilled experts that train your dog with positive reinforcement methods.


Our Services:

We provide a variety  customized training programs to fit your training goals and objectives. Our Maryland dog training programs include:


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Why choose us for dog training

One of the most important responsibilities  that dog owners must complete is dog training. It requires taking care of their dog’s behavior goals as a result training will establish a stronger bond between dog and owner as well as shaping behavior through basic obedience training.

When choosing a dog trainer, several factors need to be taken into account. The experience of the trainer is the most important factor that has to be taken into account. Our trainer at Pawz for Health is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CCPDT-KA) and Certified Dog Behaviorist (IAABC)

Our itrainers are skilled experts that educate your dog with positive reinforcement methods. We work with all temperaments, all ages, and all breeds.

We are aware that each dog is different, and your dogs personality plays an important role in identifying the most effective training to achieve training goals.  Since your dog has unique demands, we take the time to meet him to create a training plan that is adapted to them.

Dog training techniques must be carried out consistently in order to achieve the desired results.  Our dog trainer and behaviorist will work closely with you and your dog taking the time to address all your needs along the way.


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Our dog training methods:

  • Every dog, in our opinion, is special and has a distinct personality. Because of this, we employ a unique method of dog training that is adapted to each dog’s particular requirements. To reward good behavior and redirect negative behavior using positive reinforcement strategies, which not only increases your dogs overall well-being but results in much improved behavior.
  • Every choice you make in training affects the dog’s health and well-being:
  • Socialization: Increase your positive interactions with your dog to foster a stronger relationship that will last a lifetime.
  • Physical Fitness: Provide them with the self-assurance and activity they want to discover new settings, dogs, and people.
  • Mental HealthEngage and stimulate your dogs  intellect with knowledge and activities that are geared toward their well-being.
  • Our dog trainer Janet Oquendo, is a skilled expert with a love for training dogs. She has over 20 years of expertise training  dogs. Our professional dog trainer takes the time to get to know your dog to create a personalized training plan that is suited to his or her particular training requirements and goals. At every step of the process, she works closely with you to make sure you and your dog are successful and achieve the desired results.

So which ever training option you are looking for Pawz For Health Dog Training has a program to help. From Puppy board and train, Basic Puppy training, Puppy socialization, Behavior Modification and Dog Obedience training. Do not delay we are here for you!


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