Dog behavior training videos

Dog behavior training

These videos show Whinny a fearful 7 month old puppy.  Due to Whinny’s fear of getting into a car as well as his owners lack of physical mobility,  she is unable to lift him up.  This is presenting significant challenges getting Whinny to the vet.

Here I am working with Whinny in various stages to ultimately train him to hop into the car on his own without much physical assistance from him owner.

The first step is teaching Whinny to walk on a dog ramp to help with and an easy transition to him walking directly into a vehicle.

Step 1 – Teaching Whinny to gain confidence walking on a dog ramp.

As Whinny has gained much confidence walking on the dog ramp I am now pairing walking on the ramp up into the car.

Step 2 – Teaching Whinny to walk on the ramp into the car.

Whinny is making great progress with Step 2. So next step is the increase the challenge. Helping Whinny develop confidence to walk on the ramp and then hop up into a higher platform vehicle i.e. pick up truck.

Step 3 – Teaching Whinny to walk on the ramp and hop up into a truck.

Whinny is doing wonderfully now!  Here he is able to hop directly into the vehicle without the use of a dog ramp.

As you can see from the above videos Whinny has gradually gained confidence through out each step of the process.

The key to modifying behavior is to use systematic desensitization, providing support, relaxation and confidence through each step using positive reinforcement dog training techniques only.

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