Dog training – effective communication

Many of my clients contact me to gain assistance on how to effectively train their dog or puppy. The first question they ask me is “what is the best way to communicate with my dog?”. So let us look at that.   We provide dog training – effective communication.

Communicating with your dog

We all know what we are trying to achieve, but often struggle with how to effectively communicate this to our dog.  I often Communicating with your dog hear dog owners speaking with long drawn out sentences when requesting their dog to perform a particular command.  For example:  “Rover, would you like to sit for mommy?” Does your dog really understand what that sentence means?  When your dog does not respond. Do you conclude “my dog is stubborn”!


Dog training Silver Spring Maryland

Is your dog really stubborn or is it simply that he does not understand the language you are trying to communicate with him?  Remember dogs do not speak, nor do they understand English.  So all dog owners must first recognize this language barrier, and learn to speak “dog”, so they can easily understand you better.


What is speaking dog?

As we being to try to communicate with our dog, we must first recognize dogs’ communicate primarily with each other through body language, vocalization, and voice tone. Dogs read body language and therefore we must do our best to incorporate effective body language in our dog training techniques so as to help understand us better.

Here at Pawz For Health dog training we work closely with all  our clients. We show you how to effectively communicate with Dog training experts Silver Spring Marylandyour dog, from the use of your  body language, voice tone, and short verbal command for most of my clients these methods are the missing link.  Our dog training experts are here to help you become better communicators with your dog. We work closely with you and your family to ensure you achieve the most effective dog training methods to achieve the overall goals you have for your dog.

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