Dogs emotions can affect behavior

When we consider behavior in dogs, there are many factors to consider.  There is however one thing we know for a fact, and that is that a Dogs emotions can affect behavior!  We know that every dog has a need that needs to be Dog emotions can affect dog behaviorfilled.  Have you asked yourself “am I filling the emotional needs of my dog?”

Here are some of the needs your dog desires:

Social Connection – are we providing our dog with the social connection he needs?  How much affection, interaction, love, and care do you provide for your dog on any given day? Remember dogs are social animals and we are part of their social construct. Dogs desire touch, comfort and the need to feel they can trust you to keep them safe at all times.

Is your dog receiving adequate enrichment?

What is enrichment? Dog enrichment affects your dogs behavior When we talk about enriching the lives of our dogs we have to look at it from various stand points.  What does our dog need. Every dogs need is different, as your dogs care taker we have to recognize what constitutes enrichment for our particular dog. Some dogs love playing with toys, some dogs love  licking kongs, some dogs love chasing other dogs, some dogs love leash walks. Lets find out how we can enrich the lives of our dogs to balance their emotion, keep them happy and relaxed.


Most of the behaviors your dog engages in on a daily basis is completely normal, regardless of whether is annoying to the owners.  For example:  dogs dig, dog chase squirrels, dog eat sticks and bark at people walking past their yard. If we do not provide alternative outlets for dogs to channel their natural energy. The “natural” annoying behaviors become ingrained in your dog making it difficult to change. 

Signs your dog’s emotional cup is on empty? Dog behavior - Destructive chewing

When we look at a dogs behavior, we have to look at the underlying possible causes. Remember a Dogs emotions affect behavior?  Behaviors such as destructive behavior, anxiety, over protective of resources, restlessness, appetite changes, undesirable  behaviors escalating, your dogs emotions change, from being happy and relaxed to grumpy, irritable, and even aggressive can all be tied into whether your dogs emotional cup is running on empty. The emotions of dogs are delicate and can affect your dogs behavior contribute significantly. 


Let your dog do things he enjoys:  

Dog training how to keep your dog happySniffing, chewing, scavenging for food, digging (in a digging box designed for your dog). Ensuring your dog is included as part of the family engaging in social loving interaction.


Allowing your dog to make some choices, and providing positive reinforcement when your dogs makes the right choice.

Good health, and excellent nutrition which meets the natural desire of your dog.

Always providing a safe, quiet place for your dog to rest and relax.

Ensuring your home is stress free and ensuring your dog receives the things he loves.

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