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How to choose a dog trainer

Dog training never has to be coercive or painful. In fact I guarantee ALL my clients will immediately begin to see their pet adopting desired behaviors when they use positive reinforcement training techniques.

Dog Obedience Maryland

Positive reinforcement training is a holistic approach that affects the emotional and physical well-being of dogs,” People associate well-being with nutrition and exercise but emotional well-being complements physical well-being. If a dog’s mind isn’t at peace, the whole body breaks down eventually.

As a dog trainer; acquiring skills from some of the area’s leading dog trainers and animal behaviorists, and receiving further education under the nations behavior veterinarian Dr. Ian Dunbar, founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainer and working closely with Dawn Sylvia-Staswiewicz trainer to President Obama’s dog “Bo” I can attest to the effectiveness of positive reinforcement training; the results are immediate!

Different approaches to dog training;

I became excited by operant conditioning and positive reinforcement training. This method of training stimulates a dog’s mind in powerful positive way.

I found that dogs always responded with a heightened desire to please when they were offered positive motivation in the form of an edible or verbal reward rather than being subjected to choke collars, shock collars and other equipment designed to frighten or inflict pain.

I recently met a couple walking two Rottweiler’s. I noticed immediately the dogs were wearing prong collars,

I asked the couple why. They explained that they used the pinch collars for greater control and because the dogs would not come when called. I persuaded the reluctant couple to drop the leashes, and within 10 seconds, the dogs were following me using a simple Lure and Reward technique.

Why dogs do not respond to their owners

A dog not coming when called is the most frequent problem I am asked to solve by my clients. I have discovered it is typical for the average dog own to call and mostly yell the dogs name when the dog is in “trouble” and is likely to get scolded when he returns to his owner. This results in the dog associating his name with something negative. i.e. the only time the family call me is likely to result in punishment. I start out with re-associating the dogs name is positive reward. And we build from there. The results are amazing

“In a society where we are all looking at improving our mind, body and spirit, many of us are looking to do the same for our dogs,” Oquendo said. “It’s possible with positive reinforcement training. It really works!”

Looking for a dog trainer that provides positive reinforcement dog training techniques, understands dog behavior and is committed to training without pain or intimidation?

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