Importance of training your dog

Training your dog to improve behavior

Dog training Silver Spring MarylandSo why train your dog? Owning a dog that is untrained can present various challenges.  Therefore you have to understand the importance of training your dog to improve behavior! Training will help eliminate destructive behavior, hyper dog, inability to settle and relax. If your dog does not listen to you, then the dog ownership experience can become unpleasant.  Understanding the importance of training your dog will eliminate any dog ownership challenges you might encounter. As a dog owner you have the responsibility to ensure you provide adequate training to ensure you have a well trained dog who exhibits good manners in situations as require

What are the dog training options?

 If your dog does not listen to you are several training options available. Group classes are the most popular. This is where you and your dog will join a class with other dogs and dog owners working together, systematically on basic dog obedience commands.  The group classes help dogs learn how to listen to you whilst there are other dogs present. You will also learn how to effectively communicate with your dog to respond to commands you are giving him / her in and around various distractions. The result of group training classes you will  gain confidence training your dog around distractions.  Group classes include basic manners such as “sit, lay down, stay” leash walking and come when called.

Other dog training options are private in home one on one training. Pawz for health dog training offers such training. We go into the homes of clients who are looking for private training with their dog.  Usually owners are looking to address specific behaviors as they occur in and around their home or living environment. We work with owners and their families one on one working on specific obedience and behaviors as required.

Dog training techniques

Positive reinforcement dog training - Silver Spring MarylandTo train your dog you must identify dog training techniques which utilize positive reinforcement dog training techniques. This method of training; lure and reward based training provides an effective and scientifically proven method of training which is kind and humane.  Positive reinforcement dog training does not  damage your dogs emotional response and maintains a happy trusting relationship.

You should avoid at all costs any training that uses punitive/aversive dog training techniques.  Avoid the use of scolding your dog, avoid using choke collars, shock collars (e)collars or prong collars. Inflicting pain on your dog to train can result in long lasting emotional trauma which results in anxiety, stress and often times aggression.

If you are looking for help with training your dog, Pawz For Health dog training provides a variety of dog and puppy training Janet Oquendo CCPDT, CDBC - Dog Behavior Trainer Silver Spring Marylandoptions. Our dog trainers are certified through the Council for Professional Dog Trainers and carry the qualification CCPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer). We are also certified through the International Assoc. Animal Behavior Council (IAABC) and carry the qualification CDBC (Certified Dog Behavior Consultant).

Looking for help with your puppy or dog training in Maryland? Contact us today.

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