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Puppy foundation training – A MUST for All puppy owners!

Positive reinforcement puppy board and train camp  

Puppy boot camp Maryland


What is Puppy board and train? 

 Puppy board and train – or as some people refer to it as “puppy boot camp”.  The program is designed to help jumpstart puppy Boot camp for puppies Marylandtraining, installing basic foundational training for puppies from the age of 10 weeks to 6 months of age. The puppy board and train programs help owners gain solid puppy basics allowing them to continue with ease when the puppy returns home.

Our unique program is unlike most programs available in Maryland, as puppies live in our home environment with our trainer developing basic puppy behaviors, structure and basic obedience/ commands. 

We like to think of our puppy board and train program as a “puppy camp”.   Our trainer is certified professional dog trainer / behavior consultant – Janet Oquendo CCPDT-KA / CDBC, who utilizes 100% positive reinforcement puppy training techniques only!

During your puppy’s stay we will identify any early behavior problems and address each one accordingly through positive reinforcement training techniques only.

What ever you like to call it.. whether “Puppy boot camp” or “Puppy board and train” – Our program helps your puppy overcome most behavior issues from: resource guarding, shyness and fearful,  early aggression to ensure your puppy grows into a well socialized and well adjusted adult dog.


Our Property

  • We have a large area for play during inclement weather.
  • Your puppy will have an acre of securely fenced  grassy play area to enjoy during his / her stay.
  • During relaxation time your puppy will take naps and rest time in his or her crate within our home environment.


dog and puppy training Maryland

Puppy board and train covers:

Housebreaking – We begin to install a basic potty schedule thus teaching your puppy to go potty outside.  Its most helpful for the owner to follow a similar schedule when the puppy returns home.

Crate Training – introduce the foundations of crate training, so your puppy can learn to enjoy and settle in his or her crate and use as their daily relaxation place. 

Biting and Nipping – reducing  puppy biting – socializing with other puppies significantly helps with this due to puppy’s method of communication via their mouth.  Puppies give valuable feedback to one another if they bite too hard something most owners are unable to achieve. 

Impulse control: Impulse control is teaching the puppy how to learn  remain calm against the desires they have to chase, jump or exhibit excitable behavior at inappropriate times. This results in a calmer much more relaxed puppy.

Basic foundation commands : Sit/lay down/stay/leave it/ drop it/ name recognition / come when called.

Leash walking – teaching your puppy to walk nicely on a leash.

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What about puppy socialization?

  • Playing and interacting with other puppies of similar age.
  • Socializing also with other social adult dogs.
  • All puppies will receive significant amount of socialization / play time.
  • Your puppy will play and socialize within our home environment.
  • We use 100% positive reinforcement training techniques.
  • We DO NOT support the use of shock collars, choke collars or prong collars ever!
  • We are committed to the physical and emotional wellbeing of your puppy at all times.


SPECIAL NOTE:  Our puppy board and train camp is NOT the traditional  boot camp!  We are NOT trying to create a trained robot.  

We are Puppy training camp Silver Spring Marylandmerely providing your puppy with foundational training as a baby to ensure he/ she grasps the basic fundamentals of training.  This will help your puppy as he/she develops into adolescence and adulthood.

The owner has 100% responsibility to continue what we have started through routine and repetition once the puppy returns home.  

Teaching the puppy how to respond to the same commends within your home environment.

Please note: puppies do not easily generalize from one location to another so to help your puppy understand how to apply the training learned at puppy board and train in your home environment is crucial. We will show you how to do that. 

Our trainer will follow up with you once your puppy returns home to help your puppy readjust back into your home environment. Walking owners through any challenges they may have. 


What is unique about our puppy board and train?

Outside of the obvious commands such as sit/stay/lay down and leash walking. Our training goes above and beyond the basics. Puppy training MarylandIts clear many puppy owners are looking for more than basic commands.

Most puppy owners are looking for assistance with teaching their puppy to settle, relax, not jump on people, impulse control, reduce excitability, along with developing excellent social skills which sets them up for success as they grow out of puppyhood into adolescence.  

Our program is carried out within our home environment.  

We do not kennel dogs in a sterile warehouse facility. Your puppy will use his or her crate for relaxation / nap time.

Outside of that they will play outside in our large grassy area interacting with “life” as it occurs on a daily basis.

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How long is puppy board and train?

A minimum of 7 days, however 10 days, 14 days and 21 days are available depending on puppy training goals. 

We will carry out an initial 1hr puppy “intake” consultation at our location here in Silver Spring to determine the best camp duration for your puppy. 


How to qualify for our puppy training camp?

  • You will be required to carry out an initial puppy “intake” consultation session at our location in Silver Spring MD. 
  • All puppies MUST be under 20 weeks old. Older puppies are accepted on a case by case basis.
  • Your puppy must be healthy and not have any medical conditions which could place your puppy or others at risk.


Our trainer qualifications and training techniques:

  • Janet Oquendo is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CCPDT-KA) and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) 
  • Member of CCPDT – Council for professional dog trainers
  • Member of IAABC – International Association Animal Behavior Consultants


How much does it cost?    

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