Puppy Housebreaking – Common Mistakes

Stop “accidents” in the home.

Puppies are so much fun it appears “everyone wants one”.  However once puppy arrives the most puppy house breakingpressing challenges every new puppy owner experiences is “how do I stop my puppy going potty in my home”.  As a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist, is in fact a question I receive several times a day.

Puppies do not instinctually know where they need to potty. There fore every puppy must be shown where their potty area is. This takes commitment and consistency from the puppy owner.   

The most reliable method of helping your puppy learn to go potty outside is to use a crate.

Common mistakes people make when potty training their puppy

Mistake #1   –  Rubbing your puppy’s nose in it.

TRUTH: This method of technically “scolding” your puppy, and will teach your puppy to fear going potty in general. This will result in your puppy hiding and sneaking to potty in a more remote location.


Mistake #2   – Thinking that puppies are potting on the rug to spite you.

TRUTH: Spite is in-fact a human concept. Puppies do not operate out of spite. If your puppy is going potty in the house, then your puppy does not understand where to potty.  If you do not provide your puppy with frequent potty breaks, it will result in pottying in the home.


Mistake #3  – My puppy should be housebroken by 5 months old

TRUTH:  Every puppy is different, some puppies take a little longer and there are several factors to consider.  Has your puppy developed a habit of going potty in the home?  if so, then getting your puppy housebroken will take longer to create a new habit.  Start off with a consistent routine. Help your puppy understand where his/her potty area is. 


Mistake #4 – Using puppy pads will help my puppy 

TRUTH: Puppy pads have their uses. However if you do not plan to use puppy pads indefinitely my advice to puppy owners is, do not start. 


Mistake #5 – Puppy puppy pads in the puppy’s crate

TRUTH:  If you are planning on crate training your puppy, which will include teaching puppy NOT to go potty in the crate. Do not putt a puppy pad in the crate. This will simply teach your puppy the crate is my “toilet”.


Mistake #6 – My puppy should not still be having “accidents” in my home 

TRUTH: It’s important to understand that nothing is 100%. Its likely you are going to miss your puppy’s signals.  The key is to understand that during potty accidents, its human error. Ensure you do not allow puppy to have opportunity to go potty in the home. If you cannot watch your puppy then he/she should be crated.


Final thoughts:  Puppy potty training can be stressful, and if you are having some challenges getting your puppy on a potty / housebreaking schedule, we would be happy to help.  

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