Puppy Socialization Camp

Puppy Socialization Camp

Puppies love our unique puppy socialization camp  

 Play   |     Learn   |    Relax!  |  They LOVE IT!


We recognize most people do not have access to dogs or other puppies to help their puppy achieve Puppy socialization and boot camp Marylandcritical puppy socialization.  

Our puppy socialization camp is unique! Your puppy will reside in our home environment, with a certified professional dog trainer/ behavior consultant.  Having full access to our large securely fenced, play area.  During your puppy’s stay he or she will spend time playing, learning and socializing.  Interacting continually, with other puppies and other friendly adult dogs in our home environment.

Each puppy will receive individual attention throughout the program.  Additional care will be provided to puppies who are shy and less confident.  We ensure  safety and care allowing all puppies to settle in, relax as they learn.  Our programs result in relaxed friendly, more confident outgoing puppies.


About our puppy socialization camp:

Puppy board and train MarylandAvailable for ALL puppy breeds.

Puppies must be under 24 weeks of age. 

Must be up to date on all vaccinations.

No behavior that would be harmful to other puppies.

Your puppy will live in our home environment.

1/2 acre yard play area, with covered play area.

Puppies will develop excellent puppy social skills.


How will this benefit my puppy?

  • Your puppy will receive valuable puppy socialization with other puppies. 
  • Learn valuable manners from older, friendly dogs living in our home environment.
  • Helps to eliminate puppy biting / mouthing.
  • Introduce the foundations of crate training; teach puppy to learn use crate as his or her daily relaxation space. 
  • Installs good housebreaking skills – i.e. potty outside.
  • Providing puppy structure to help your puppy learn to relax.
  • The physical & emotional wellbeing of your puppy is our commitment.   

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Here’s what to expect:

  • You will notice a much calmer and easier to handle puppy.Puppy training camp Maryland
  • Your puppy will have gained valuable puppy manners.
  • Excessive puppy socialization, a building block for a well adjusted social friendly puppy.
  • Your puppy will be much more relaxed in their crate.
  • There will be a significant reduction in puppy biting.
  • Fearful / shy puppies will show improved confidence.
  • You are  more than welcome to visit your puppy during the program.


Our training qualifications and techniques:

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CCPDT).
  • Certified Dog Behavior consultant  (IAABC).
  • We use 100% positive reinforcement reward based dog and puppy training techniques.
  • We do not support the use of prong collars, choke collars or shock collars ever.
  • Your puppy’s physical and emotional wellbeing is our commitment. 


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