Puppy Socialization Camp Maryland

Puppy Socialization Camp

Welcome to our extraordinary Puppy Socialization Camp!

We do NOT support the use of shock collars, prong collars or choke chains!

Our camp offers a perfect blend of play, learning, and relaxation, providing an enriching experience for every puppy. 


We recognize most people do not have access to dogs or other puppies to help their puppy achieve critical puppy socialization. Puppy Socialization camp

Our puppy socialization camp is unique! Your puppy will reside in our home environment, with a certified professional dog trainer/ behavior consultant.  Having full access to our large securely fenced, play area.  

During your puppy’s stay he or she will spend time playing, learning and socializing.  Interacting continually, with other puppies and other friendly adult dogs in our home environment.

Each puppy will receive individual attention throughout the program.  Additional care will be provided to puppies who are shy and less confident.  

We ensure  safety and care allowing all puppies to settle in, relax as they learn.  Our programs result in relaxed friendly, more confident outgoing puppies.


About our Maryland puppy socialization camp and how to qualify:

Available for ALL puppy breeds.

Puppies must be under 24 weeks of age. 

Must be up to date on all vaccinations for the age of your puppy.

No behavior that would be harmful to other puppies.

Your puppy will live in our home environment.

1/2 acre yard play area, with covered play area.

Puppies will learn how to share and help overcome resource guarding.

Developing excellent puppy bite inhibition.

They will learn appropriate puppy play with puppies of all breeds and sizes.



How will puppy socialization benefit my puppy?

At our Puppy Socialization Camp, your puppy will benefit from invaluable socialization experiences with other puppies. They will also have the opportunity to learn essential manners from older, friendly dogs who reside in our home environment. Our program also focuses on addressing puppy biting and mouthing behaviors.

We introduce the foundations of crate training, teaching your puppy to view the crate as their dedicated relaxation space. Additionally, our camp instills good housebreaking skills, emphasizing the importance of pottying outside.

To promote a balanced and calm demeanor, we provide structure and guidance to help your puppy learn to relax. Rest assured, the physical and emotional wellbeing of your puppy is our utmost commitment.

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Here’s what to expect:

  • Upon completion of our program, you will undoubtedly notice a remarkable transformation in your puppy.
  • They will become calmer and easier to handle, making your interactions more enjoyable.
  • Your puppy will have acquired invaluable puppy manners, setting the foundation for polite and well-behaved behavior. Through extensive socialization, we foster the development of a well-adjusted, socially-friendly puppy.
  • You will observe a significant improvement in your puppy’s ability to relax in their crate. With our guidance, they will learn to view the crate as a safe and comfortable space.
  • Puppy biting will be greatly reduced as we address this common behavior through effective techniques and positive reinforcement.
  • For shy or fearful puppies, our program is designed to boost their confidence. You will witness their growth and improved self-assurance.
  • We understand the importance of your bond with your puppy, and you are more than welcome to visit your puppy during the program. We encourage your involvement and believe that your presence contributes to their overall well-being and progress.


Our training qualifications and techniques:


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