Separation anxiety in dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs - Dog training Silver Spring Maryland

Problems leaving your dog home alone?

Separation Anxiety in dogs;  the anxiety the dog experiences when left alone and the anxiety the owner feels worrying about their dog’s emotional health when they have to leave him.  Can dogs with separation anxiety be helped?  The answer is YES!


Separation anxiety in dogs

Case:  Meet Eli, Eli is a 10 year old Pitt Bull recently adopted from a local Maryland Shelter.
Eli has spent the last 6 months at the shelter, where he received lots and lots of attention.

Eli was adopted by a family in Silver Spring Md.  Immediately they began giving him the attention they felt he deserved. Then Monday morning came, they had to leave him to go to work, not considering any of the challenges Eli would face, the family left for their 9 hr day leaving Eli crated in a room. When they returned home that evening from work, here is what they came home to :

This photo is a photo the owner took when they arrived back home.


Separation Anxiety in dogs – behavior modification

After 3 -4 weeks of Separation Anxiety behavior modification training.  Eli noTeaching relaxation for dogs - Silver Spring, Rockville, Bethesda Marylandw enjoys going into his crate and his family report that he can now be left alone for close to 6 hrs.

Working with dogs with separation anxiety takes time, consistency and commitment. Owners can see results demonstrated by Eli above. Positive reinforcement behavior modification training techniques are effective and produce results.  Pawz For Health Dog Training Maryland recognizes that every dog is different. We believe that training programs have to be individualized, and are not cookie cutter . Therefore taking time to understand what training technique works best for your dog to achieve optimum results is key.


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