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Why use positive reinforcement dog Training?

It is undoubtable that there are a variety of training techniques used today to train dogs.  Which training technique is the most effective? Well science has proven through many studies that punishment based training .. i.e shock collars, choke or prong collars are using negative reinforcement to train. What does this mean? it means these methods are using fear and pain to train your dog.

Here at Pawz For Health Dog training. We are committed to never use any pain, or intimidation methods to train. Our goal is to ensure we build a lasting and trusting relationship through the use of positive reinforcement based training.  Through educating and showing our clients how effective these training methods are, we are proving our point by seeing well trained, happy, responsive dogs.

The dogs find training fun and are more motivated to learn and please their owners.

How does positive reinforcement dog training work?

  • Understanding dogs are not humans and are not clear on our expectations.  This method shows the dog what we want from them,  as soon as the dog performs the desired behavior they are rewarded.  This is a lure and reward based training technique.
  • We identify the primary reinforcer i.e. what motivates your dog? Some dogs love food, some dogs love praise and some dogs love toys. Once we identify the reinforcer that suits your dog. We use that as our motivator/reward.
  • Building relationships are key to dog training. Lure and reward techniques build a trusting relationship with your dog and also makes training fun.

What training equipment do you use?

  • We do not support the use of any aversive training methods – we NEVER use prong collars, choke collars or shock collars (e-collars).
  • We use either a front clipping harness, flat collar, and in some cases a head halter.
Want to get started?  We service Silver Spring Maryland with quality effective private and group dog training! Click on the tabs for each program below to learn more
Adult Dog Training

Dog training programs, Maryland; our programs are not cookie cutter. We look at each dog individually, we tailor our training programs to meet your dogs specific behavior needs as identified at our intensive behavior consultation. Learn More About Adult Dog Training

Puppy Training

We offer a puppy training for all puppies at all stages of life. Our puppy programs help new or seasoned puppy owners to address specific behaviors. From housebreaking and crate training to puppy biting, come when called, leash walking, chewing and door manners.  Learn More

Dog Aggression

Dog training programs Maryland. There are a significant number of reasons why dogs demonstrate aggression. The initial behavior consultation is where, our certified professionals assess, observe and determine the cause of your dogs aggression. If your dog is lunging at other dogs and people on leash walks, or growling, lunging and biting to protect food or other resources.  We teach you valuable training techniques to address these behaviors using reward based training. how..???  Learn more about aggressive dog training

Day Training

Dog training programs Maryland. Our day training programs are perfect for busy dog owners who recognize their dog needs training but find it difficult to train their dog themselves. We do the training for you!  Our Day training program takes the stress out of training our certified professional dog trainer will carry out dog training sessions on a daily basis (usually without the owner present) installing desired behaviors, the trainer will then transfer the newly learned behavior to you on a weekly basis. This program is an excellent choice for those of you are feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure about training your dog yourself. Learn More

Kids and Dogs

We help families develop safe lasting relationships between their kids and their dog. Learn More

Dog Behavior Consultation

As every dog and puppy is different, we believe its virtually impossible to identify the training needs of your dog or puppy without first meeting the family, meeting the dog or puppy, together discussing the desired training goals. Learn More

Puppy Board and Train

This program is ideal for families who have inconsistent work schedules making it difficult to train their puppy. Learn More