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We provide in home training to clients within:  Silver Spring, Bethesda, Aspen Hill, Kensington, Rockville, Fulton, Chevy Chase, College Park, Hyattesville, Olney, Brookeville, Derwood, Wheaton, Columbia, Adelphi.. Potomac (limited)… and surrounding Maryland areas


What is the first thing you should teach your puppy?

Housebreaking your puppy What is Housebreaking? 

Housebreaking is teaching your puppy not to go potty inside the home. So we teach clients how to achieve successful housebreaking habits.  Most people desire their puppy to go potty outside or some people prefer their puppy to learn to go potty on a pee pad, whatever your goal, its now up to you to teach your puppy the appropriate potty area. Routine and consistency is key. Ensuring your puppy learns exactly where the potty area is requires your puppy to never have the opportunity to go pee or poop in your home. Our puppy housebreaking programs teach you the owner how to achieve this through routine and consistency.


Why is my puppy biting? 

We all recognize puppies have sharp teeth. Puppy biting is a critical part of puppy communication and social development. However teaching your puppy not to use those sharp teeth on humanswhy is my puppy biting is important. Puppy biting very rarely causes any major harm, but one thing is for sure when a young puppy bites it is often unpleasant and rather painful due to their needle sharp teeth. Teaching  your puppy how to use his or her mouth is of the utmost importance.  Its important your puppy learn bite inhibition and most importantly that its not appropriate to use his or her mouth on any human for any interactions. This is all part of critical puppy training.

It is NOT necessary to inflict pain on your puppy to communicate to him or her that the biting hurts and simple loud “Yelp” works well. Let us provide you with effective puppy training techniques to help you and your family overcome this challenge.


Why puppy socialization?

We cannot emphasize puppy socialization enough. Teaching your puppy to become well socialized around other puppies, dogs, people, kids, traffic what ever environment you live in.  Training your puppy to why socialize my puppybe able to navigate around each one is critical to your puppy’s overall confidence and emotional wellbeing.

The critical imprinting phase your puppy is up to 13 weeks of age.  Its of the utmost importance  you ensure your puppy receives the appropriate amount of socialization within that window.  During this critical puppy developmental phase your puppy should be socialized with as many young puppies of similar age, all breeds and sizes (i.e. all must have puppy teeth). As well as socializing with everything in and around the environment where your puppy lives and stimulus your puppy is expected to come into contact with.  We offer a unique puppy socialization camp. We can help you!

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Puppy crate training Silver Spring MarylandPuppy Crate Training: 

Crate training a puppy is another important part of puppy development. Before you start crate training your puppy, its important to understand, using a crate will provide valuable puppy containment to avoid  destructive chewing or going potty in the home, as well as providing a calm and relaxing space your puppy  can call his or her own.  

Our puppy training programs will help you identify the best crate size for your puppy as well as provide you with tools and techniques to ensure your puppy views the crate as as fun positive place. Through the use of treats,  toys and praise you and your puppy will quickly come to recognize the value and enjoyment of the crate.


Our puppy training programs – what’s next?

Puppy training – teaching basic commands:

Puppy board and train Silver Spring MarylandThe most common commands puppies should learn are: – Sit / Stay / Lay down and Stay/ Leave it and Drop it!

Teaching your puppy basic commands the most effective way to build a relationship and learn how to effectively communicate with your puppy.

 Our puppy training programs are suitable for first time or experienced puppy owners and are perfect for everyone.  

With the right training assistance, you will receive tools and techniques to provide your puppy with excellent foundational training. Resulting in a calm, relaxed and well behaved puppy.  

Training your puppy ensures a solid foundation for the rest of your dogs life.

We use 100% positive reinforcement dog training techniques, and do not support the use of any harmful dog training techniques.

Your puppy’s physical and emotional wellbeing is our commitment.

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What is the ideal age to start Puppy training?

Ideal age to start puppy trainingYour puppy is never too young to learn, so the recommended age to get started on training is 10 weeks or even younger!  However training can also occur later and our programs can help with all your training needs. 

Working with your puppy during their imprinting stage is important.  But the longer you leave training the more opportunity your puppy has to develop a pattern of undesirable behaviors and training can become more challenging, therefore, our  programs are available to all puppies of all ages and all stages of life. 

Providing owners with individual training. We recognize that all puppies are not the same so we develop training techniques to work specifically with your puppy. Because addressing behaviors is what is important and we use positive reinforcement dog training techniques only.

Because we are using proven training techniques you will begin to see results immediately, and owners will see a more responsive calm, focussed, well behaved puppy.


How our programs can help you!

  • If you a new or a seasoned puppy owner and need help training your new puppy.
  • For puppies having daily housebreaking accidents in your home.Dog trainer expert Silver Spring Maryland
  • Crate anxiety i.e.  barking or crying in the crate.
  • When there is evidence of your puppy experiencing separation anxiety.
  • Is the  puppy biting becoming unbearable? We can help.
  • Destructive puppy? chews and destroys anything from shoes, rugs etc.
  • Puppy jumping on guests – we teach your puppy good greeting manners.
  • We will teach your puppy basic commands and manners.  
  • New puppy ownership – we help make puppy ownership easy.
  • Providing you with individual customized in home training programs.


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Puppy training – behaviors we cover:

  • Puppy Housebreaking / potty training
  • Introducing crate training
  • Jumping
  • Destructive chewing
  • Puppy biting 
  • Separation anxiety
  • Puppy name recognition

  • Puppy Manners 
  • Puppy Socialization
  • Shy and fearful puppies
  • Leash walking 
  • Critical puppy handling
  • Door manners 
  • Go to your bed!


Let us help you train your puppy to be the best he or she can be!



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