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We offer a variety of basic puppy obedience training programs to suit all ages, and all behaviors. Our programs are suitable for first time or experienced puppy owners and are perfect for everyone.   With the right training assistance, you will receive tools and techniques to provide your puppy with excellent foundational training. Resulting in a calm, relaxed and well behaved puppy.

Our puppy obedience training programs are fun, simple, and effective. We use 100% positive reinforcement dog training techniques, and do not support the use of any harmful dog training techniques. Your puppy’s physical and emotional wellbeing is our commitment.


About our puppy training programs

Your puppy is never too young to learn. The recommended age to get started on training for your puppy is 10 weeks to 20 weeks. 

Puppy Obedience Training Rockville MarylandWorking with your puppy during their critical puppy stage is important to ensure they start off on the right path. The longer you leave training the more opportunity your puppy has to develop a pattern of undesirable behaviors.

Our training programs are available to all puppies of all ages and all breeds. We work with all behavior problems.

Providing owners with one on one training tools. We recognize that all puppies are not the same so we develop training techniques to work specifically with your puppy address behaviors that are important to you and your family.

  • We use positive reinforcement dog training techniques only.
  • Using our proven “science based” training techniques your puppy will being to respond quickly and consistently.
  • Owners will see a more responsive calm, more focussed, well behaved puppy.


How our puppy training programs can help you!

  • Are you a new puppy owner? or a seasoned puppy owner who needs help training your new puppy?
  • Is your puppy having housebreaking accidents daily in your home on your rug?Puppy training experts Silver Spring Maryland
  • Does your puppy bark when put in his or her crate? Learn why!
  • Do you think your puppy is experiencing separation anxiety?
  • How about puppy biting?  Is your puppy biting becoming unbearable?
  • Destructive puppy? chews and destroys anything he can get hold of?
  • What about puppy jumping? 
  • Need help teaching your puppy basic manners?  
  • We are here to help make puppy ownership easy.
  • Providing you with personal one on one customized in home training programs.


Puppy behaviors we cover in training:


  • Puppy Housebreaking / potty training
  • Introducing crate training
  • Jumping
  • Destructive chewing
  • Puppy biting 
  • Separation anxiety
  • Puppy name recognition

  • Puppy Manners 
  • Puppy Socialization
  • Shy and fearful puppies
  • Leash walking 
  • Critical puppy handling
  • Door manners 
  • Go to your bed!


Let us help you train your puppy to be the best he or she can be!


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